Class Descriptions

New students | What to Expect?

All of our classes are mixed levels which will allow you to progress at your own rate regardless of your current fitness level. All classes start with a group warm-up. Beginners will focus on proper body positioning and muscular engagement through fun and exciting skills and climbs. Heads up, aerial classes are highly addictive. Whether you are coming to experience silks as a fun activity or you are looking to commit to professional or fitness training-related goals, we can’t wait to introduce you to aerial silks.

Students with prior experience | What to Expect?

If you have prior experience, please send a video via email or text so your instructor can have an idea of what your current strength and skill base is. We recommend sending the last skill you learned as it will help us plan for your lesson. After warm-ups, we will assess your climbing technique and observe basic foot locks to splits and cross-back straddle. From there we will move on to a fun skill that is level-appropriate so you can learn something new and we can get to know your aerial goals.

Pre-requisite-based classes | Aerial hoop and Hammock

Our Aerial Hoop and Hammock classes have strength prerequisites. To join these classes, you must either have prior clearance from an instructor at OAA or submit a video if you have taken classes in the past. Our bars are hung so you need to be able to pull up and invert to mount the apparatus. This allows for skills to be performed above and below the bar and also for dynamic spinning combinations.

Depending upon your fitness background if taking a lyra class is your goal be sure to mention this to your instructor so you can gain clearance to be scheduled for these classes or to be able to make a plan to gain the strength necessary.

Important Note: Class availability varies for each apparatus. Please call 863-414-8061 or check our schedule — the apparatus will be included in the class name.

-All classes are open to students of all levels! The instructor works with you as an individual so you can progress at your own rate. Beginners start with basic climbs and poses. You learn from the ground up learning basic wraps on the floor. More Advanced students learn advanced poses, Spins, Drops, and slides.

–For our aspiring professionals, we focus on learning how to develop your own sequences and choreography with an in-depth understanding of the properties of wraps and holds. Learn drops, spins, and rolls to incorporate into your pieces. Learn to transition and create seamless movement. Develop expression and style that transcend the technical to create engaging performances. –Almost all students are eligible to participate in our bi-annual student performance showcases.

Orlando Aerial Arts Lyra/Hoops

Hoop, also known as cerceau or lyra, is another wonderful circus apparatus in which the student learn beautiful maneuvers and shapes while spinning on a large metal hoop suspended in the air. Beginners start off learning the basics of spinning and the basic ways to get up and down onto the hoop. Once comfortable with this, they will progress on to harder and more advanced moves. The advanced students are taught performance skill and technique.

Orlando Aerial Arts Silk Hammock

Workshop Class & Private Instruction – Aerial Hammock uses the same fabric from aerial silk however it is looped to create a cocoon. Beautiful shapes are created inside as well as outside the Aerial Hammock. Please contact us for our availability and let us know of your interest for this workshop or private instruction.

Orlando Aerial Arts Children silks class

From song time warm-ups to our “Aerial Overture” program, your child will be challenged, entertained, and taught body awareness all while building self-esteem. Most importantly, your bond will grow with your child as you both learn new and exciting skills.

Our interactive parent/child playtime features musical games and movement, structured activities and stories, plus an activity you’ll find nowhere else: AERIAL CIRCUS FUN!. Every class ends with our “Aerial Overture.” Parents and children will be introduced to the exciting world of aerial acrobatics on such aerial apparatuses as hammock, silk, lyra, and trapeze. All skills are taught low to the ground in a safe and encouraging environment. Parents are taught the proper way to spot their child, while they get the opportunity to learn new circus skills as well!

Left: Image by Lucy Macleish Photography 

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