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Class Format Classes are available as 1 hour group or 1 hour private lessons. For private lessons, please call to arrange. What You’ll Do in Class The classes include a warm up, strength training, conditioning tips, and stretching. You’ll learn at your own pace and interest level.

Beginners will focus on proper body position, muscle usage, basic positions, and basic balances. More advanced students will learn more difficult skills, choreography and artistry. As your strength and confidence increase, you’ll be amazed at what you are capable of doing. What to Wear It is important to wear clothing that covers the backs of your knees and under your arms. You will want a shirt that can be tucked in to give your back protection. Long stretch pants or footless tights and a tight-fitting top are suggested. Tighter fitting clothing that gives you full range of motion is best. Shorts are not recommended, and loose clothing may get in the way. Important Note Class availability varies for each apparatus. Please check our schedule — the apparatus will be included in the class name.

-All classes are open to students of all levels! The instructor works with you as an individual so you can progress at your own rate. Beginners start with basic climbs and poses. You learn from the ground up learning basic wraps on the floor. More Advanced students learn advanced poses, Spins, Drops, and slides.

–For our aspiring professionals, we focus on learning how to develop your own sequences and choreography with an in-depth understanding of the properties of wraps and holds. Learn drops, spins, and rolls to incorporate into your pieces. Learn to transition and create seamless movement. Develop expression and style that transcend the technical to create engaging performances. –Almost all students are eligible to participate in our bi-annual student performance showcases.

Hoop, also known as cerceau or lyra, is another wonderful circus apparatus in which the student learn beautiful maneuvers and shapes while spinning on a large metal hoop suspended in the air. Beginners start off learning the basics of spinning and the basic ways to get up and down onto the hoop. Once comfortable with this, they will progress on to harder and more advanced moves. The advanced students are taught performance skill and technique.

Workshop Class & Private Instruction – Aerial Hammock uses the same fabric from aerial silk however it is looped to create a cocoon. Beautiful shapes are created inside as well as outside the Aerial Hammock. Please contact us for our availability and let us know of your interest for this workshop or private instruction.

Workshop Class & Private Instruction – Another great Aerial Apparatus that is similar to the lyra. Aerial cube can be a solo, duo, or trio apparatus. Since the Aerial cube is big it creates opportunities to create different symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes that require’s great coordination, balance, and if done in pairs or trios perfect synchronization. Please contact us for our availability and let us know of your interest for this workshop or private instruction. Prerequisite Beginning/Intermediate Aerial Hoop or Silk.

This class focuses on working with partners, allowing each student to master both basing and flying. Beginners will focus on basic hand-to-hand combinations, mounting, and stacked positions. More advanced students will work on double tricks that require strength and determination to achieve, including release moves and drops. Working on a silk alone is fun, but working with a partner develops new levels of trust and camaraderie that are both uproarious and confidence inspiring. *Pre-requisite for this class is intermediate-level in our silks syllabus. *

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